Hobbies help maintain good mental health

Hobbies provides a release from stress and keep your mind and body active. If you want to quit smoking or drinking or want to feel a sense of accomplishment then find some hobbies. Our hobbies also helps in maintaining our mental health. Our hobbies can range from crafts, games, art, music, writing, pets, music, gardening to exercise. Our hobbies are unique to us, something which makes us happy, something about which we feel passionate. Some of these hobbies like painting, hiking, camping, gardening, or a walking in the park can be performed in the arms of nature as we all know the positive effect of nature on our health. Most of the people like to listen music of various types like soft music, romantic music, rock music, trance music and much more, music the thing which makes us feel relax and gives us inner happiness. Everyone must find out some time to listen music of their choice every day, specially when one feel depressed or frustrated. Physical health helps us to make our body strong and fit whereas mental health helps us to live our life in a stress free mode. By including these in our routine we can enjoy each and every moment of our life in a best and effective manner.