Yoga is not a modern concept, it is very traditional form of exercise which has been used by our ancestors. There are various forms of yoga that are used as per requirement of body and health condition. Yoga is ?to remain fit, to loose weight, to gain mental peace and even to cure curing various diseases. Most of the doctors also advise including yoga in our daily routine. It not just helps in curing diseases but also helps in preventing many. The best part of yoga is that it does not have any side effects and you only receive its benefits. Today our lifestyle makes us lethargic and it some times creates health troubles. Obesity is a common problem that can be cured permanently and be prevented by yoga easily. So the best way that anyone can find out is to go for yoga that gives healthy body along with healthy brain.

The most popular form of yoga is power yoga that has been used by most of the people, this makes our full body workout, makes our body flexible and also strengthens our immune system which prevents our body from various diseases.